About me and my paintings

Deenagh at work
Making images is a personal process which I choose to make public. When I paint and draw it is to engage myself and hopefully the spectator into feeling something. What that feeling is depends on the image - the ones I make vary enormously, from the frivolous, lighthearted and hopefully amusing to the very serious issues of life and death that take place in war.

The materials I use are mostly oil paint, pastel on paper, dip pen and Indian ink, watercolour and some are done in a mixture of the last three. I do not know which is my favourite or most successful - but would say it probably varies according to the subject.

Whilst the subjects of much of my work are from my imagination, I sometimes draw and paint still lives, landscapes, and the buildings and streets of places I visit. My most recent work, Images of War, is based on photographs.

In 2010 Jill Ranford and Nick Turner of footloose-tv made a short film of me while I was painting the Images of War series. Because these paintings address humanitarian issues I think they are the most important works I have done to date. Painting them involved making choices, engaging with them and suspending the emotions at times.

I briefly attended a foundation course at Falmouth Art School and completed a degree course in History and History of Art at Bristol University in 1978. A Post Grad course in Graphic Design and Illustration 1982 at Bristol Poly enhanced my understanding of both illustration and design.

The work shown here dates from 1981 until the now, 2011.
Some of the images have been reproduced asCards that can be purchased online.

If you are interested in knowing more about my work, either for exhibition or purchase, please get in touch using this Contact form in the first instance.